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Stringvision Keypeg Set

Stringvision Keypeg Set

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If you're an active cellist, you'll understand the significance of Stringvision Keypeg (Posture Peg) for thousands of cellists worldwide. The replacement of peg handles with a removable key has helped cellists move more easily. Keypeg has greatly improved many cellist's playing experience.

Keypeg is remarkably low profile, elegant, and easy to use. One Keypeg set includes two pegs and two keys. Keypeg is installed by a luthier with peg shaving tools like standard friction pegs. No alteration is made to the cello or scroll itself. Using Keypeg simply means keeping a key in your case and probably one more on your key ring.

The key has a larger surface area and creates more turning power when placed in the palm of the hand, so you'll find that it's a bit easier to turn pegs.

Keypeg is available in the set of two pegs and two keys. 

If you have an existing relationship with a local luthier, you might call and see if they already stock Keypeg. You will need a professional luthier to install it, and they will appreciate the call!

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