Stringvision Keypeg

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If you’re an active cellist, you’ll understand the significance of Stringvision Keypeg (Posture Peg) for thousands of cellists worldwide. The replacement of peg handles with removable keys has helped cellists move more easily, and has greatly improved the quality of many cellist’s playing experience. 

Keypeg is remarkably low profile, elegant, and easy to use. One Keypeg Set includes two pegs and two keys. Keypeg is installed by a luthier, and no alteration is made to the cello or scroll itself. The cello's original pegs can be replaced at any time as easily as replacing a string. Using Keypeg simply means keeping a key in your case and one on your key ring. 

The key has a larger surface area (creates more torque when placed in the palm of the hand) so you'll find that it's a bit easier to turn pegs.

Keypeg is available in the set of two pegs and two keys.