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Stringvision Bowgrip

Stringvision Bowgrip

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Designed as an anti-fatigue bow frog covering, the Stringvision Bowgrip offers an unprecedented level of comfort and ergonomics for the string player.

Stringvision Bowgrip is quick and easy to install without removing the frog. The bowgrip stretches nicely, so simply take it out of the package and patiently work it over the frog. The fit is very secure, and the bow grip will stay in place. The grip fits well over incremental sized bows (3/4; 1/2, etc.) as the height of these frogs should be very consistent with full size frogs.

Stringvision Bowgrip even protects instruments and bows:

• This bowgrip will protect fine bows from wear around the frog - especially the thumb area.

• The bottom, inside corner of the grip will soften those occasional down- bow collisions with the C-bout.

Stringvision bowgrip is made of a long lasting, high-tech elastomer which is specially formulated as a grip material. This material is also non-latex, and FDA approved. You'll probably find that it feels like something that is meant to be gripped and finessed without too much strain. You'll also likely notice that the bow hand and arm will not fatigue after longer playing sessions.

You may consider the package of ten to help yourself, students, and colleagues. By the time you've sold a few of these at $14., you've likely paid for your shipping and helped friends and students save as well.

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